BioTac Featured on Shell's How Will You Change the World Commercial


Machine Touch Documentary


SynTouch uses Tactile Sensors to Mimic the Human Fingertip - SolidWorks


SynTouch BioTac System for JACO


Luke Skywalker's Robotic Hand - Technium with Lana McKissack


Prosthetic Hands on the Today Show - Breakthrough Awards 2013


Sensors Take a Big Step Closer to Human Touch

Video courtesy of: Sonali Basak, Techonomy Media
Originally appeared in Techonomy article: Sensors Take a Big Step Closer to Human Touch

World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2014, SynTouch


Grasping Fragile Objects with a Prosthetic Hand using BioTac Contact Detection Reflexes

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Robots Get a Feel for the World

Robots Get A Feel For The World from USC Viterbi on Vimeo.


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BioTac kit for the BarrettHand

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Overview of BioTac Sensory Technology

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BioTac Demo

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BioTac Skin Replacement and Filling

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